Our mission is to:

Create a quiet, safe environment for learners of all ages to participate in academic activities, connect learners and their families to resources and highly qualified teachers and tutors, contribute to our community by encouraging learners of all ages and their parents to grow in all areas of their lives, and celebrate God as a giver while acting as a gift to our community.

Who we are:

A group of highly qualified and caring teachers, educators, and professionals providing a "pay what you can" donation-based tutoring service, benefiting students of all ages in the Adams County Region. We believe every student should have the opportunity and support to succeed.

What we offer:

Wednesdays from 5pm to 9pm

The "Check In"

a 15 minute session for a suggested donation of $5. This is a quick session designed to review homework and fine-tune skills with a tutor.

Homework Help

a 30 minute session for a suggested donation of $10. Sit down with a tutor to take a deeper look at your assignments and enhance your understanding of materials.

Second Classroom

The Second Classroom is a 45 minute session for a suggested donation of $15. This period is for student that need that extra one-on-one time to discuss material or revise a piece of writing.


 Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are available.

For more information email mikerudy90@gmail.com